Play Risk-Free with Bonus Cash and Free Spins

Many NZ online casinos have sign-up bonuses to entice new players, and these can often be found in the form of no deposit promotions. These bonuses give you the chance to win real money while playing risk-free, and come in two main forms.

Understanding Free Spins Promotions

bonus cash / free spins

One kind of bonus that often does not require a deposit is free spins. The casino will gift you a certain number of slot machine spins to play with, and unlike playing slots in demo mode you actually have the opportunity to win money. While this bonus is generally offered upon registration, there are several promotions that unlock spins after a minimum deposit as well.

There are several conditions that these kinds of promotions may be subject to. First, most sites limit your spins to a single slot machine, and there are often limitations on the number of paylines and how much you can bet per spin. Also, virtually every casino has a playthrough requirement that must be met before you can withdraw any winnings. For example, if you get 100 spins for a slot machine but the promotion has a 20x playthrough, you actually have to play 2,000 spins on that machine before you can cash out. Finally, many bonuses have a max withdrawal limit.

The terms and conditions of a bonus may outweigh its potential benefit, so it is always important to read them beforehand. If with one promotion you get 50 spins for a game but the playthrough is 50x and there is a max withdrawal of $50, you may be better off choosing a promotion that only has 30 spins but the playthrough is 20x and the max withdrawal is $100.

What You Should Know About Bonus Cash

With bonus cash the casino gives you a specific amount of free money to gamble risk-free. This money can usually be put toward table games as well as slot machines, which allows you much more flexibility.

As with spins, bonus cash is often subject to various terms by the casinos. There is usually a playthrough requirement, and often table games count toward only a fraction of the playthrouh that slots do. There may be withdrawal limits and restrictions, and similar to bonus spins the amount of money offered does not always indicate the strength of the promotion.

Choosing the Best Bonus for You bonus cash / free spins

There are many websites that let you browse hundreds of promotions, allowing you to compare their terms and select the bonus that is going to best suit your needs. Individual casinos also often list their current promotions, and even return players can often find promo codes for various bonuses.

Slot machine lovers will generally get the most out of bonus spins rather than free cash, depending on the machine. If you are betting more than one dollar per spin, then bonus spins will offer you the most value. If you would rather be able to play multiple different games or if table games are more to your liking, then you would be better off taking the money. Whatever your preference, there are good promotions out there for every player to take advantage of.